Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Options Men Should Consider This Year

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Cosmetic and plastic surgery, both, have been around for decades and have been seen as a “woman only” option. However, people have begun to realize that men are not immune to aging and that they, too, want to get rid of how time affects their bodies. If you are trying to find the perfect gift for your companion, you may want to consider one of the treatments that follow below (if he or she has expressed interest in cosmetic surgery).


Rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nose to beautify one’s appearance or restore one’s respiratory function. Some male patients request this surgery after breaking their nose in an accident or when they are embarrassed by the prominence of their nose relative to the rest of their face. Feeling embarrassed by a deformed or over-sized nose is indeed not specific to women, which is why nasal surgery is currently very popular with men and women.


Men are not insensitive to the effects of aging, gray hair and wrinkles are, like women, part of the aging process. Their reasons for wanting a facelift are, therefore, just as valid as those of women. This operation consists in retightening the patient’s facial skin by removing any loose excess skin, but also to tighten the facial muscles to reveal a younger and brighter face.

Pectoral implants

Pectoral muscles often develop through physical exercise and, sometimes, that is not always easy or possible. If a man has spent long hours at the gym doing weight training without seeing significant muscle gain in his chest, know that it is unlikely that having implants placed can provide the expected result. The men that fail to notice results in the gym, or who have the money to spend and want natural results, are those who get pectoral implants.

Implants allow surgeons to sculpt each person’s musculature in a way that the torso looks well-defined while preserving its naturalness. It is a perfect gift if your companion has mentioned his interest in looking decades younger. Keep in mind that this treatment does require so healing time. If you want to know more, contact or like Dr. Zacharia on Instagram today.